Europe takes part!: Launch of the New Funding Module of the European Hub for Civic Engagement
Sophie Borkel

What challenges do cultural practitioners face in the current situation and what is needed to tackle them? How can a digital platform aid civil society actors in connecting and finding resources?

The European Hub for Civic Engagement aims to strengthen civil society actors and their spaces for exchange and discussion, which are an important foundation of a vibrant democracy. The platform is developed by civil society actors across Europe for civil society actors across Europe and aims to promote their networking and empowerment.

As part of the Europe takes part! project, artists and cultural practitioners from Turkey to Belarus came together in workshops facilitated by our partner Alliance 4 Europe to develop a digital tool within the European Hub to support and encourage them in their daily challenges. As funding opportunities and the exchange about them were identified as the main problem, the developed solutions target this area. From now on, Hub users have access to a funding checklist to support work on project applications, a funding blackboard for networking within the community, and a customizable list of funding platforms.

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