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Free webinars and training on EU funding and EU project management

Many EU funding opportunities are available for civil society organisations. Yet, access to EU funding can be a challenge: What are the programmes most relevant to my mission and actions? How do they work and what are their priorities? How can I write a good project application and therefore maximize my chances of success?

To answer these questions, we are happy to offer the community of Citizens for Europe two informative webinars on EU funds (open to everyone) and one practical training on EU projects application and management (open to 15 participants). Just follow the Link:


[Report] Civic Space in the European Rule of Law Framework

This report highlights how the silos approach to the rule of law, democracy and fundamental rights currently adopted by the European Commission leads to significant gaps and inconsistencies in the analysis of the rule of law framework and limits the effectiveness of the European rule of law mechanism to bring expected change in the protection and strengthening of the rule of law in practice, including the protection of institutional and societal actors that are fundamental for the effective functioning of the rule of law at national and European level.