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Looking for funding?

Are you an arts or culture practitioner in Europe and are looking for funding in the EU? Check out the new CultureEU funding guide for funding Opportunities for the Cultural and Creative Sectors.


Being an Artist in Europe: Challenges, Funding Opportunities and New Approaches to Collaboration

We have a new "Talking Progress" Podcast episode: Anastasia Lemberg-Lvova and Gitte Zschoch discuss culture and its funding.

Why are the spaces for arts and culture shrinking? And how can digital tools help to counter this development? Listen to the artist Anastasia Lemberg-Lvova and Gitte Zschoch, General Secretary of “ifa”, in a conversation about the role of artists and culture in our society and how funders and policymakers can better support cultural workers.

You can listen to it here: https://www.progressives-zentrum.org/being-an-artist-in-europe-challenges-funding-opportunities-and-new-approaches-to-collaboration/