Vision 2020+

© Dawid Linkowski, 2019.

Our pilot phase confirmed our project’s philosophy: when we listen to and involve civil society actors in the creation process, the more relevant and empowering our digital platform will become. The pilot phase also highlighted just how talented and capable a networked European civil society is, and also the urgent need to create a central platform that continues to build a collaborative European civil society. We now have the needs, desires and recommendations we collected from civil society. And through working with civil society actors from all over Europe, our next step is crystal clear: we want to build digital tools to match and network civil society actors across Europe!

Starting in January 2020, together with “Citizens for Europe” and “Alliance4Europe” – the pledged cooperation from the “BMW Foundation” – and with the financial support of the “Open Society Foundations”, we will develop a community management tool. This digital tool will have three matchmaking functions: an index of European civil society organisations, a calendar with current events, and a classifieds section with requests from civil society.

To support these next steps, we are planning in-person meetings with an expanded group of civil society actors, which will also includes participants from the art and culture sectors. As our prototypes are tested and given input by civil society actors, our digital tools will continue to organically grow. And that is precisely our goal for 2020: to grow our digital platform through connecting, matching, and networking civil society actors across Europe.

As we enter this second phase of expansion, we would like to thank all of our partners and participants. Without their active involvement, the Hub would still be just a seed. With the lessons from our prototypes in hand and a growing list of partners, we are excited to continue growing our network. Come join our project and let us work together to make the Hub a living ecosystem for European civil society in 2020 and beyond.