Together, Das Progressive Zentrum, Alliance4Europe and Citizens for Europe are building a community management tool (read a little more about it in the “Vision 2020+” section above). Find out more about all three organisations:


Das Progressive Zentrum (DPZ)  is an independent Berlin think tank founded in 2007. DPZ aims to bring evidence-based knowledge and innovation-oriented policy ideas into the public debate and onto the political agenda, in accordance with the triad “Forethought – Networking – Dispute”. We are convinced that a central key to meeting current socio-political challenges lies in the critical-constructive debate on fundamental questions of the future: How do we as a society want to live together today and in the future? How can genuine social cohesion be achieved at regional, national and European level? What democratic innovations and habitual, cultural and institutional innovations are needed to keep our societies strong?


Alliance4Europe (A4E) is a non-profit organization with the mission of safeguarding and advancing democracy in Europe by providing an agile focal point of a network of civil society groups and citizens in Europe. The organization coordinates pro-European actors and campaigns, facilitates the exchange of best practices, and promotes pro-European narratives. Its objectives are the strengthening of existing initiatives and the establishment of new collaboration that facilitate impact. It aims to build a platform for cooperation for all pro-European actors. It was created following a series of round-table discussions among groups of pro-European pro-democratic movements and civil society organizations, including representatives of such groups as Pulse of Europe, the Good Lobby, the European Front, the Union of European Federalists, together with representatives of business and politics.


Citizens For Europe (CFEU) was initiated in 2010 by a small team of experts from several civil society organizations. For strategic development a Core Team was formed to drive this network further. The Core Team is the decision making body for support and development that helps civil society organizations connect with peers all over Europe. The group comprises of grant makers and grantees who carry the project and collectively decide about any support given. With this setup CFEU became a civil society infrastructure that specializes in 1) networking and thematic exchange for a community of CSOs as well as 2) awarding of seed funding for projects with democratic innovation potential.


Head of Programme | Future of Democracy (DPZ)
Network Coordinator @Citizens For Europe
Managing Director @Alliance4Europe
Project Assistant (DPZ)